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BKLYN plastic surgery



Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery can be transformative and life-changing. 

Physical restoration or enhancement is a personal journey, and it should be guided by a team that is both experienced and safe.  Our American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeons have the expertise to accompany you on this path.


In a world filled with social media projections of beauty, it is easy to be distracted from what really matters: you.  With a combined 30 years of experience in this field, we internalize your goals and devise a plan that brings you to the best version of yourself, from head to toe.


Before Surgery 


During your consultation, our team takes time to understand your concerns, then formulate a management plan that is centered on you. 


Your safety is our utmost concern, so we will present the safest options for you to achieve your desired results.  There are no obligations at the time of consultation, as this is primarily an educational experience for you. However, should you desire moving forward with a procedure, we are able to get the process started that day.



Safe surgery is key

We will meet you at our Joint Commission (JACHO) approved surgical suite at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. You will also meet with our board-certified anesthesia team and nurses, who will help alleviate any pre-procedure anxiety. Despite being a high volume center, we are still able to provide individualized attention to ensure your experience is of the highest quality.  Meet the surgeons: 

Dr. Morrison 

Dr. Morrison has enjoyed a career in plastic surgery spanning over 20 years in both New York City as well as Jamaica, W.I.  He is widely respected by his colleagues and revered by his patients.

Dr. Nugent

Dr. Nugent is a vibrant talent in the field of plastic surgery, who recently joined Dr. Morrison after a successful tenure performing reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Miami.  He brings with him a wealth of experience in both minimally invasive and other novel techniques.


After Surgery 


The period after surgery is just as important as the surgery itself, so we remain actively involved

This involves routine follow-ups in either of our two offices in Brooklyn, as well as access to the hospital (WHMC) where we have admitting privileges in the event of emergencies. 


Our team remains involved in your care throughout this period, and we are happy to accommodate unscheduled check-ins if needed.

We're here
Based in Brooklyn, we're ready to get you to the best version of yourself.


 718-963-7602 9-5P, M-F 

 718-569-8114, Outside of business hours


For patients desiring email contact, you may reach us  at:

Wyckoff Heights  Medical Center

374 Stockholm Street Brooklyn, NY 11237 

(Between: Wyckoff & St. Nicholas Avenues) 


Dekalb Ave.

BKLYN Plastic Surgery 

C/O Wyckoff Doctors at Myrtle  

1419 Myrtle Avenue 

Brooklyn, New York 11237



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