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Breasts | Chest


There are many reasons why patients choose to alter the appearance of their breasts, whether it be via breast reduction because the breasts are heavy and causing back pain, or breast augmentation to increase breast size and volume, our practice has extensive experience in managing breast concerns. Breasts that have become deflated with time can be rejuvenated with a breast lift, which is referred to as a Mastopexy. There has been tremendous coverage about breast implant related concerns in the media, if this is a concern of yours, we also perform breast implant removal and/or replacement with new implants or even your own body tissue!


Enlarged tissue around the breast area, this condition is known as gynecomastia. Treatment of this can involve liposuction, surgical excision or a combination of both. We can help you determine which procedure is best suited for you at the time of consultation. These principles are also used when we perform Top Surgery.

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